Posted: March 20, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Peter Rabbit Deals Drugs


I have seen it with my own eyes.

He’s selling crack to schoolgirls

pimping on the Union Street side of town.

Branded with prison tattoos

and wearing his gang colours.

It was him and his boys who tazered

those bouncers last weekend.

They found a severed female hand

in the gutter 2 doors away

from where he lived a month ago

but they couldn’t make a connection.

This is what happens when fairytales

become too unreal and unbelievable.

They metamorphosis into something

darker or get left behind and laughed at.

Nowadays our children reject them

in favour of killing things

upon a computer screen.

Training themselves up for adulthood

whilst Peter Rabbit and the rest

of the ‘Now Dark Fairytale Crew’

await on dimly lit corners

to poach their adolescent souls away.


© Paul Tristram 2012


Lead-Free Personality


Nothing seems to bring her down, ever!

She just skips down the street.

It’s a Doris Day world which she inhabits

glorious sunshine or rain showers

to dance in.

I’ve never heard anyone whistle so much

in all my life?

You need sunglasses just to look at her

with that beaming smile

and dressed up in Summer colours

even in the middle of Winter.

It’s enough to make you sick!

I would tell her

but she would probably just give me a hug.

I’m sure I saw songbirds

helping her peg out washing

at 6am this morning

unless I was having one of my turns, again?

Life just is not fair

Why does she have to be my neighbour?

Sometimes I could punch her right in the fucking face!


© Paul Tristram 2012

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