TOM HATCH – One Poem

Posted: March 22, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Innocent Boy
A boy with a bouquet of flowers held
behind his back to deflower

On a hot long summers day to evening
after the rain’s lightening on green lawn

making it greener to lay upon and the
lure of fireflies near Queen Ann’s Lace

on edge next to what will be of two
bare feet in the pond minnows gather

to nibble on tiny hairs ankles moist
to be kissed that grace her toes

that could run away but linger
for some more…goose bumps

rubbed away chasing them
from bare knees to her thighs

open palms pulling two another option
Into tangle wood of trees on soft mossy ground

dandelions penetrating tap root
Found deflowering into

roar of windblown seed head
dispersed into a sweet roll

that became love at dawns surprise
Another flower in his bouquet

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