TOM HATCH – One Poem

Posted: April 9, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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I Met Her Halfway

Was it worth it halfway
so we were are both
24 we became 12
That is halfway? this troubled my
Almost hairless ass
I didn’t mean that halfway
In age!

you are taller than me now
And you like older boys
And have budding breast
Somebody stacked the deck

You look at me and I annoy you
As you get me in a headlock
Telling me to leave you alone
You like the ninth grader
Around and up the block
As you shove me to the ground

A sadness comes to me
I find solace in my Ed Big daddy
Roth Rat Fink plastic model
That I made with bulging eyes and his flies
A candy apple red Corvette painted
Pinstripes in my hand this is my having
Met her halfway not understanding
Anything except the bra and panty
Ads in the Sears and Roebuck catalog

You understand it all
Out my window you are
On the handlebars of the
Ninth grader’s bike ripping my heart out
In wheels of spokes
Your smile and laughter
His dirty thoughts I can
Only imagine

Walking in the room again
A game changer you
Are 24 again and I am still 12
This meeting halfway sucks

  1. northernmalewhite says:

    is this about your sister
    the young bud of who you write
    the bad feelings
    it fills you with
    ok the hedge my friend
    a bird on my shoe


  2. hatchtom50 says:

    Jeremy, Thank you for the post. Like the picture too it says a lot. Again thanks, Tom

    Good east coast early afternoon

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