Posted: April 25, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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he’s such a pain out there on the asphalt puking

we’re so buff sunscreened sleek ready for Gay Pride

junked-up scarecrow tinder box of a geezer dumpster crazy

sort of guy who doesn’t  take his meds piss-stained and mumbling

humping the roughcast a creature of brownsites

blackouts out of style out of touch out of mind

nothing he knows counts nothing he’s done’s remembered

no one he’s fucked survived to tell the tale

bones all poking out angular chest scars heart brain scars

dick a dried up stem of last year’s jack-o’-lantern


he blinks and wheezes stares and spits

scratches his balls belches a crazy laugh


I’m outta here


like a landmine he ruptures the smooth deathscape

of August afternoon one fiery ejaculation shot across the ecliptic

stallions aflame an Apollo with the balls to be so old

so gaunt distended crazy so totally uncool


we reach out for blessing jerk back

jerk off thick gobs of blood and cinders

like somebody deepthroated a red-hot chisel

ecstasy jismed out of sight out of it totally

leaving us standard deviation gays

stranded in the dark of too much light


Elijah’s come and gone

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