Posted: April 26, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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she has carefully styled blonde hair

a beautiful body

and a face that wouldn’t look out of

place in a fashion magazine

and for the past month

i have seen her working the strip

her stunning blue eyes slightly

glazed from drugs though she’s

so new to it all she still looks good—

she actually looks better than good;

and she is,

though after living in kings cross for

ten years now i have seen it all before,

they come along young and beautiful

and still in control of their lives,

though time passes quickly and soon

enough their faces are grey and hard

and their bodies look like starved twigs

and minds no longer think of anything

but scoring:

their brains completely fried

so that any request, even from the most

hideous men

no longer offends;

their shame and feelings of self preservation

having died long ago with all those brain


anything now to score—

and feel good again.

  1. love the sentiment and feeling in this poem

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