IVAN JENSON – Three Poems

Posted: May 1, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Glazed And Confused 
It demands 
going with the hunch
and a bunch 
of brainstorming brunches
crunching against time
chewing on concepts
and gulping through black coffee
conferences until you have reached
that “aha” moment which is 
sometimes hard to swallow
and difficult to digest
but will ultimately lead 
to the buzz
of organic free trade
beans set free to stimulate
the senses 
and then just maybe
you will get the idea
of what it takes to 
go through 
the black hole
of a 
Duncin’ Donut thought
Dial Tone
No, really, thanks
for never offering
in any class 
that I know of
simple instructions
or easy to follow
when it comes to 
the midnight self
or at the very least
a mandatory 
extra credit course
on the course
that fate takes
when it goes
off course
and how about
a lecture on
the unexplained
known as
the great unknown
that says
nothing at all
when we pick up the phone
turning us into scared
scary movie characters 
who fear the maniac
that chases everyone
in the end,
is calling from inside
the house
Roving Planet Rover
Who is watching out
for the shaggy 
That stray dog
in the dark park
unleashed and
scraps of sunlight
and the tossed cans
of empty stars
and where is its
owner anyway
should take in 
that galactic mutt
covered in mud
and rid it of
those pesky
fleas and ticks 
known as 
before we eat
that round hound
or at least toss
it an unidentified 
flying object
to fetch
before it

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