PRIYANKA DEY – One Poem/One Flash

Posted: May 13, 2013 in Fiction, Flash, Poetry
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Over and over again
That echoes of your name
Shall never cross my lips
Not as a smile
But as a reminiscent fragrance
Gently whisper into your ear
I am here. I am here.




Sitting idle at a metro station after a long time. Looking at the metro come and go. The sudden rush of people, squirming chattering complaining and laughing followed by a desolate silence. Some look at me looking at them; I wonder what they think.
In the sequence of things, the mind plays a trick. I see myself in one of those groups and I see some familiar faces too. They enter the metro and before I can understand, they’re gone. The article in my hand screams for attention as it falls off my hand and is kissed hard, by the heels of an enlightened student.




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