TOM HATCH – Two Poems

Posted: May 14, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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Mighty Knife 
Hidden mighty knife
when heavy
Days appear it appears
cuts the rope shorter
Than a length that
I can use it for
Mighty knife cuts
the silence
Then piercing the loud air
amid rooms
That should be quiet
first-class air
Slicing to reveal
a plunging neck line
First-class neck down to here…
cut to order
Mighty knife carved
her initials in a tree
The young girl that
I could of have loved
Now Botox bound I’m sure
With the mighty knife
I try to cut her
From my memory
not sharp enough for that
The young girl’s beauty
stays heavy in my mind
Her sharpness is enough
to cut the rope that is
Always shorter than
a length that I can use it for

Fullitude, emptyitude
Rounditude, squaritude
Glamouritude, sillohettitude
Duditude, babitude
boyitude, girlitude
Uptownitude, guessitude whatitude downtownitude
Subtracitude, additude
Screamitude, cryitude, laughitude
Theitude blowingitude winditude
Crazyitude, saneitude
Skirtitude, wardrobitude
Stilletoitude, flatsitude
Harditude, softitude
Sheitude dieditude of attitude
  1. hatchtom50 says:

    Devlin, thanks so much for the nomination I am honored as always.
    Cheers, Tom

  2. rebecca2000 says:

    Great job Tom :)

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