LINDA M. CRATE – One Flash/One Poem

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Fiction, Flash, Poetry
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monster child
sometimes i wait until i can’t take it any more then explode — purposefully like fireworks on the forth of july. i burn anyone i dislike with the flames of my thoughts. don’t stand too close, you may catch my social disease. awkward, i stumble into a room full of doves when i am a giraffe  i spill coffee unto all those white feathers, and they hate me for it. i could never drink in the sun, i’ve always drank in silver moonbeams their light enough to keep away the nightmares that used to plague me as a child — always too inventive for my own good, my imagination crawled with monsters that would make grown men scream. i wonder if i was meant to be a mermaid, my siren voice seems to screech harpies to life from seaweed. i close my eyes and the leaves of autumn are startled off of trees, and even the crows scowl at my shadow. i wonder what kind of manner of monster i must be. they tell me my father was one, and i believe i take after him. why else would the universe try to singularly make me stick out the sorest thumb in all the world? i am chaos dancing on the tip of vertigo’s tongue, i just haven’t figured out my design to destroy the universe. not yet.
– linda m. crate
train wreck
like a train wreck
i want to see myself crash —
to roll across a river,
and not be aware of myself
the water will replace
blood running through my veins;
the world is a telescope,
all it’s perspectives varied upon the
person that sees it;
sometimes i think the government
just screams some weird jargon
of what they think the world ought to
be, and yet it exists without them;
corrode my veins, sweet water,
and make the iron as
fiery red as my passion blazing through
the countryside of my youth —
do not diminish my intelligence by
cruel words, i am young but i am wiser
than my years and colder than winter
when fury alights my brow.
– linda m. crate

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