Posted: May 24, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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By Leilanie Stewart



I suffered

a near-death experience

a car crash

in which

my imaginary companions

were killed



My imaginary father

had been wearing his seat-belt

my imaginary mother

had suffered whiplash

from her airbag, and

I don’t know what had become

of my imaginary siblings

since they were both tied up

in the boot



When I woke up

in the aftermath of the crash

I saw my frontal lobe

smeared across

the seat in front




how a lobotomy

could leave me feeling

so great




English litter-ature

By Leilanie Stewart


A long time ago

I hoping to remember this

therefore, and but,

I’m gerund out of here



Does this poem annoy you?

Do you find that I’m not

a very inarticulamate person?



I’ll have you no

my degree is first crass

from Oxbridge

  1. […] month my poems, ‘Amnesia’ and ‘English Litter-ature’ are in Boyslut. After all my fiction publications lately, I felt I’d get some more of my poetry out in the […]

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