generosity from strangers


by Ross Vassilev


one cell of the Weather Underground

was planning on bombing

an officers’ ball

but it went off prematurely

so the townhouse got destroyed

and the only people who got killed

were the three of them


they freed Tim Leary

with a commando-style operation out in California

but Leonard Peltier is still in prison

and so is Mumia

and Abbie Hoffman is gone


the Vietnam War ended almost 40 years ago

and maybe the 4 dead at Kent State

have attained Nirvana by now

so there’s all the time in the world

for prayer beads


opening the doors of consciousness

but no one’s interested anymore

cuz all the jobs went to China

and people are struggling nowadays just

trying to survive


but at least they’re starting to legalize pot now

so if you’re carrying any


please don’t be a selfish bastard.



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