for the love of cheese 
you can fondle my cheese any day
make it gouda
prov me with your lone
travel alone to all the holes of the alps
pepper me with your hot
but keep your brie away from me
sprinkle me with your cheddar
dance with me through trees of mozzarella
keep bleu in the sky
feed me colby jack from rivers of nacho cheese
make my mouth salivate with
yellowed memories of america
dancing on your tongue
be a munster beneath the sheets
lim me with your burger,
the earth has it’s jewels and it’s disasters
just forget them all with me;
otherwise i’ll be pomegranate as a sunset
let’s leave the cream to milk
devour some monterey jack as we watch
the world destroy itself, we’ll comfortably eat our
cheese peppered with more flavor than some 
of the people we know.
– linda m. crate 

the life of a sub girl

rude patrons
demand their sandwiches
and they want them
made yesterday; none of them
considering or caring how
they might inconvenience me
only knowing that it would be the
end of the world should
they be inconvenienced; i try
hard to keep myself from spewing something
ugly in a temper knowing it would
only induce their laughter or
scorn, perhaps, both –
i wonder if everyone in pennsylvania was
born in a barn except for me, sometimes,
there aren’t the manners here that there
is in quaint maine towns full of
the same lovely scenery;
home doesn’t feel like it\’s here,
but in maine where i left my heart with my lover,
and to whom i wish so desperately to return;
he\’s the reason i took this job so i could get some
income to return to the place i so love –
the world sighs in loveliness,
and me in resentment
sometimes i think i’d be happier if i were a flower
my only duties and responsibilities to grow,
and produce fragrance beautiful
because then whispers and hatred couldn’t reach me
nor hurt me, the only sensitivity i’d have
would be found in my petals.
– linda m. crate
  1. Love these two poems Linda!

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