She Cries On Valentine’s Day


She takes a week off work

whenever it approaches.

Time for the build up

and the departure.

It’s the closest thing to insanity

that she’s ever known.

She builds up her strength

every day of the year,

preparing herself once again

for that inevitable day.


© Paul Tristram 2010



She Shadowed Herself With Regret



She sat upon a wooden park bench

in the bright June sunshine.

The brim of her hat

covering her eyes.

A dandelion seed

zigzagged across her lap,

she grasped it eagerly

with a hand attached

to her wrist,

as white as the neck of a swan.

Smiled and regressed child ward

thinking ‘I should make a wish!’

Something stirred within her

she cast the thing away

like something horrid

’Wishes break your heart!’

she muttered to herself

as she rose and walked away.



© Paul Tristram 2010

  1. alexisrhonefancher says:

    “”Wishes break your heart.” Ah, yes. Stunning.

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