Posted: July 11, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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First time


By the purple lava lamp you read, “Perfumed fertility deities move like metronomes.”

On the edge of the unmade bed in your SRO in the East Village,

We shared a joint, and you continued my poem,

“Ascend lowly creature, ascend.”

Your gentle smile filled me with pleasure.

Next year you dropped out of college and died of an overdose.


“You into threezie?” you said to me, as we opened her door.

A Gita, tarot-cards and an empty pint of Thunderbird lay next to her.

She smiled yellow broken teeth.

You went first.  I watched.

I went, but didn’t kiss her.

My balls ached on the deserted subway to The Bronx.

The next day the urologist put a thin pipe

Through my penis hole to look inside.

I blacked-out.


Perfect Specimen


“Each hair deserves a resting place,” you said,

As you snipped a few protruding from my nose and ears.

You stepped back looking at the whole and

With two more touches of the scissors, done.

Looking in the mirror with a grin I said,

“Could you finish with a hot towel on my face and head?”

“We don’t have that service,” you said with a coy expression.


I waited at the concrete fountain as you approached.

Dry stalk cut down before dawn,

My eyes reached out to you;

But you saw lone branch blooming bright yellow in your face,

And your eyes were all over me.

“Aren’t you a handsome man,” you said,

And led me to your place.

White satin walls

Red satin sheets,

I waited on the bed for you to finish in the bathroom.

Dew was on you; cold sweat on me.


My eyes closed under a mask of joy, and

You were between my legs about

To open your mouth, when

I gagged at the smell of Lysol.

“You cleaned the bathroom before sex?”

You answered, “Lie down and tell me lies.”

“I’m your amorous creature,” I said.

No measure of a man to measure me,

An unframed print of Joe Gould by Alice Neel

Was above your bed;

And when you looked me in the eye

I pulled the sheet over my head.


Under the tree in the heavy rain I fell asleep.


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