Sex Slave To Celibacy


So you tell me that you going to try

celibacy for the next 12 months.

To have a break from the games

and the weekend hunting.

Giving your heart and emotions

time to heal and slow down.


Why would you tell me this?

I have an instant hard-on.

I feel it awaken to a semi

then curl up and into a full erection

within a second and a half.

I look down and see it

through my old work jeans

wriggling alive like a purring snake

beneath the worn denim.


Your mouth is too full for celibacy!

Your eyes were made to shine

screaming orgasms through.

I try to think about you not needing sex

ignoring the throbbing, weeping flesh bone

alive and hungry within my lap

and the opposite happens.

I see you awake to a cloud of silky sighs,

pushing the blankets from your bare legs

and your swollen, moist pussy lips

kissing the inside of your panties

softly, delicately, teasingly.


I feel your hair twisted around my fingers

with your head pulled backwards,

your body arched with arse cheeks

splayed wide as I thunder perfectly

like a flesh and bone battering-ram,

peeking to a speed-blur right up behind you.

Spurting with momentum

the volume of my sticky, eager seed

straight into the furnace at your pussy’s heart.


Then it switches and you are sucking

the pearly strings of pre-cum

off and around the purple head of my cock.

While I am pushing my tongue rapidly

into the burgundy fleshiness of your cunt,

lapping in and out and around

zigzagging the musky trace between your lips  

and drawn like a magnet up to your clit.

Then it changes once more

it is now just a headshot of you, smiling

your warm, friendly smile.

The jerking has ebbed away

the throbbing reduced itself to sensitivity

as I dab away the last glistening traces

and flush!

I wash my hands and call you back

to tell you that celibacy is a big step

that maybe you should give yourself

a little more time to think it over.

But if you would like to discuss it further

I will be available later on this evening?


© Paul Tristram 2013

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