NEIL ELLMAN – Three Poems

Posted: August 12, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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When My Cunt Stopped Living

(after the digital print by Louise Bourgeois

in the Do Not Abandon Me Series)


It stopped, I stopped

the maddening flow

it dropped old petals

from a dying rose


I held you in my arms

your fingers touched

my lips

and I was numb


nor could I speak

the usual words

made silent

by your fingertips


it died, withered green

In the garden of my hopes

came winter

passion’s fall


the end of it

that gave me life

and gave me you

in our heat of youth.



I Held Your Sperm and Cried

(after the digital print by Louise Bourgeois)


Within me

like a million worlds

waiting to be born

I held them all

the issue of that night

like galaxies

inside my skin explode

between my heart

and mind

the two of us

between each other’s thighs

made a universe

I held them tight

and felt them grow—

I cried that they

should ever live

in such a world as ours.



Come Unto Me

(after the digital drawing by Louise Bourgeois



Come unto me

again and again and again

into me

with your nails

scratching profanities

and heart-shaped words

upon my back

through the thin bark of my will


your wait and mine

are older than the sun—

stay this night with me

to see once more

our moment come

like Venus rising

in the morning sky

to fold us in her arms

and make us one.



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