TOM HATCH – Two Poems

Posted: August 20, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Pickup Sticks (one night stand)


Hold them in a column in your hand let them drop

Pick them up one by one without

Touching or moving another stick

The players agree in advance

On how many points are required

To win the game

I suggested a million Points

But you did not think it would

Last that long

Ok half a million

Then you did not think it would

Last that long

Ok two hundred thousand points

Not that long either?


Hold them in a column

Stroking up and down on the fricking

Sticks there are 30 of them I hate asking you

Is this gratuitous?

Feels like black, yellow, blue, green

Then red spilling randomly

Ok 100,000 points it is your call

Still too long my over achieving

Ambition has become real at 20 points

Or 20 minutes

let the Sticks fall



Iris my Blue 


The random heights the irises grow

Dodging the knife spike green leaves

Jutting up with danger

You cannot tell the unemployed

From the artist I just read

Bukowski said in Vacancy

The wilted blossoms

are the empty hotel rooms

White to blue

Copper sulfate blue


Or add aluminum sulfate

That is blue is my blue

Yves Klein blue

International Blue

Santa Monica blue ocean

A place to be born later

as an artist and unemployed hitch hiking

In Topanga Canyon picked

Up by the Canned Heat Milk truck

Without a girlfriend tis/’twas

That kind of blue

Deep in the throat

Of Iris in blue jeans all the way with sleek stem

Surrounded by knife blades

Slim midnight unfriendly blue



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