i’m watching a

spider weave a

web in the

corner of my



pretty impressed

with the size of



but does that say

more about the

spider or my



these are things

one thinks about

when you’re trying

to not think about

gently placing

a gun in your

mouth and seeking

a better tomorrow

————————————————————————————————————the middle of the day


i often find myself

in the middle of the

day thinking about

you smothering my

face with your big

black ass


i’m just not sure the

best way to go to

make this fantasy

a reality


should i send you an

email that says, hey,

when you can find

some time away

from your family,

can you come over

and sit on my face


is this an occasion

that calls for roses

and a box of



is it a situation i

propose over a

dinner i’m paying



i know




alcohol makes

anything possible


i better bring the

credit cards


————————————————————————————————————disposable joy


a bleary eyed insanity

on a muggy night


the famous are dropping

like flies and i am happy


happy for their misery


happy for the dismay

and chaos left behind


disposable joy disguised

as a legacy


somehow the myths

became truths and

accepted as common



there is a price for perfection


pay it at those fading

pearly gates


do not pass go


do not count the falling stars


do not make me wallow in

your endless streams of

bullshit any longer than the

next commercial break



  1. danielstockwell says:

    I really enjoyed “the middle of the day.” Thanks for sharing!

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