TOM HATCH – One Poem

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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The Best Way to Treat a Husband as an Ex

Tell him he is stupid, an asshole,

mother fucker.

Then he wants to get her

to calm down.

You never have sex with me anymore

she said.

So he goes to his side of the bed

and she calls 911.

Then he goes to a messily room

upstairs five minutes later

the cops come in flashlights

in his eyes and makes him

sit in his underwear next to the bed.

Making sure he does not

Have a loaded gun

The women cop loved this

and gave him a really good blow job

with the flashlights light

raking across the carpet floor

and some reflecting off

her shiny copper badge.

Then she gave her phone number

to his wife. Do this again I’ll be right here.

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