TOM HATCH – Two Poems

Posted: October 29, 2013 in Fiction, Poetry
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The phobia the tiniest
Reduced from sweat and red
Our foreseen passion
With your hair in a ponytail
Let it fall our bodies moist
Together’s moisture frozen soon forever
The days fall away
Like your hair
we become the
Germs of our love
Microscopic in a petri dish
Growing into
Something scientific that
Laboratories will
Study with ah
All over the world
on the cover
Of the dish “Germilenna
A virus dangerous to mankind
Keep frozen under lock and key”
Germilenna will become the
New ecstasy by the Power of Ten both
Microscopic and telescopic
Best snorted at night
In The Library A Lot
She is having an affair in
The library bathroom
With Martyrs, geniuses
And autobiographers
And audio book readers
Expecting me to believe her
“I am writing a biography
Of you the life of the damned”
She said

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