Then there’s pussy
There has always been pussy I suppose
Pussy to me is twenty times faster than dial-up
I majored in pussy in college with a minor in spanish but now I’m going back for a MBA
Pussy may be one of the most valuable skills in the 21st century
Without pussy the american economy will collapse
Free pussy was basically the democrats stealing the conservative agenda
That horrible sucking sound
Pussy basically represents the problem with capitalism
Do you want me to send you pussy as an attachment or in the body?
I think what I hear you saying is you’re willing to compromise
It’s supply and demand when you think about it
The reason it takes so long is security
But I think even with that el Niño thing that pussy is getting warmer
One solution is to bring pussy with you when you travel so as not to exhaust the local supply
Another solution is to pump it from other states
Splitting pussy does have the advantage of creating additional senate seats
The privatization of pussy is said to be more efficient but lacks government oversight
Pussy in its own right is an ideal and nothing more
You have the pussy and the pussied as well as the pussifier though according to Aristotle pussy is a state of grace
I wish you could see yourself
The theme of pussy in young adult literature is controversial
The exchange of pussy is really just Keynesian macroeconomics in micro sheep’s clothing
But our disagreement does not change the fundamental idea of pussy as a core value
Our goal should be the spread of pussy in all corners of the world
Pussy isn’t free and as soon as the French admit it the sooner we can get on with things
A pussy tariff will not work
Pussy needs to be chosen not imposed but we can give both financial and moral aid to support those in need of it
And pussy is a bi-partisan issue so the only thing we really need to worry about is a presidential veto
But the important thing to remember is how pussy will affect our children and our children’s children
Thank you
Just hours
Just hours before he kills her
a security camera at a convenience store
captures them both, the uncle and his thirteen year old niece—
he comes in first, doesn’t hold the door for her
and she follows him, arms crossed.
they go off camera for a minute
and we see other people in the store
including the clerk standing next to a phone
then they come to the counter
he’s buying a coffee
and she stands next to him
not looking at anything—
she’s been missing for a few days already
we don’t know if he’s had sex with her
we don’t know how she feels about it
but we know later that another thirteen year old girl
one he’s been fucking since she was nine
will finally turn him in
after he does what he does
but right now we watch him pay for the coffee
and leave
his niece not saying anything to anybody
her arms still crossed
as if she’s cold
following him out the door

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