He’s 23 and I’m Slightly Psychotic
i have desires
to invite him over for a candlelight dinner
and slap him across his mouth with my
i want to tie him to a chair with my scarf,
as my teeth
sink deep into each silken knot.
i’ll snug them tight, until he fully understands
the truth about my head
and my heart:
my head and my heart are long distance lovers.
my head and my heart both pound.
my head and my heart are the new age terrorists.
my head and my heart spin ‘round.
and after he hears all about me
i will set him free and give him the
opportunity to choose:
number 1) handjobs as we listen to the
kansas city symphony, or number 2) make fresh
vegetable soup and biscuits, or lastly
number 3) run away.
and by morning light, i hope he has chosen them
all in
Blindfolded, Stoned, and Fingering Her
Eventually I found
the perfect touch,
which created the
that she still brags
when we
get intoxicated
on the
good ol’ days.
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