It’s More About The Mind (The Older We Get!)

“Tits, ass and that delicious flower
tucked away beneath it all
are a young man’s best friend,
and rightly so.” he explained
with a reminiscing half-smile
lighting up his wrinkled face.
“But it’s more about the mind
as we get older and wiser.
There’s all this crap about
finishing each other’s sentences…
now starting each other’s sentences
that’s where the magic is.
You get a soul connection
and you don’t just ejaculate
then wipe it on the bedsheets.
You stay there warm and buzzing
for weeks, months, sometimes years.
All the words in the world
mean absolute shit in the long run
compared to just knowing
that someone cares deeply for you-
no matter what-without them
having to open their mouth about it.”

© Paul Tristram 2016

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