~ deep throat`ing under barbed wire fences

and your political anthems

are nothing new

to the debaucheries

of this hole in my face…

my mouth is already out there

propaganda pruned and distorted, parlaying

belligerence, deep throat`ing hard-core dick[s],

tonguing the Good, the Bad

and swallowing

the 21st century Filth

while others are disappointed

that I don’t speak

of simple pleasures, only

of dirty pleasures

that [un] American conventionality

and etiquette

have been replaced with

the unlike(s) of me;

it is under barbed wire fences

that I dream of sitting on Trump’s lap

as if he were Christmas in July…

eagle bound and crotch l e s s

as he whispered of political measures

in my deafened ears

while fondling the flags between my legs…

I can feel his wall building 10 feet higher

& climaxing ~

anything higher, and I think God

would be disappointed ’cause he wants to create

geno-immigration-cide in the name of cartels;

I also dream of Rubio, boyish and beautiful,

Boy~Fucking~Wonder bound

banging me with his Wham! and his Bam!

in the back seat of a super-pack limo

as I wondered if lying Ted’s tongue

was as prominent as Pinocchio’s nose?

I want to stand in line

& flash~vote Bernie Sanders

into a quadruple bypass

’cause my tits held more accuracy

than Hilary’s heavenly Benghazi hell;

I miss Monica Lewinsky

’cause she kept it real

& stained

on her pretty church going dress;

other than that,

the fence needs

another screw.


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