One Orgasm At A Time


The world doesn’t need
another singer-songwriter
with a catchy melody
and voice of protest


What it needs is a
colossal cock
rammed down its throat
with gallons, upon gallons
of cum splashed
in its eyes


Unable to speak
there will be
no discord


Blinded by cum
there will be
no judgment


This is the
only remedy
that bears
any relevance
My erection is
a revelation


Leave the fun part
up to me
I told you before
I live to fuck


Gallons of cum
will be filled
My ladies are here
our sexual organs
are united


I cum, they squirt
When it comes
to this endeavor
we’re together
trying to make
a difference


Trying to shut up
the belligerent critics
Trying to walk past
in the streets
as if we’re invisible


I’ll fuck like an
overzealous porn-star
if that’s what it takes
Repairing the world
one orgasm at a time



  1. johncoyote says:

    This is poetry. Alive and true.

  2. michaelmarrotti says:

    Thanks, gentlemen!

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