slasher sluts from hell











“a Scorn ~ Wrath production”


and this was                                                [by far]

my boyfriend’s lousy attempt

at a dinner & a movie seduction

especially from those

coldblooded machete toting bitches

as they tended to slither sensually,

rather than walk swiftly,               across

the hi-def plasma screen

in my boyfriend’s apt:


‘but I wanted to fuck your brains out

all over your leathered couch’, I w[h]ined

to my boyfriend,


‘baby, please!’, he bitched, ‘I don’t have

any cheese,’




t’was the season

for all those Jason’s,

those Michael’s and

those Freddie’s

fulfilling every serial killer’s fantasy

chasing them ditzes, firecrotches

and Tanya Roberts look alikes

[before Tanya dyed her hair blond ~ post-Tourist Trap]

in re-runs & marathons

on some unknown TV channel

that didn’t end nor begin w/a C;


& my boyfriend wants to know why

I’m not one of them

high maintenance

movie slasher sluts

in porn metal gear,

virgin lace &

biker chic leather

[‘no pleather’, he says, ‘these sluts know better

than to offend’]

~ he grins ~

’cause he says he wants to see my double d’s

dragging desperately across

some bloody terrain of

gore, guts & brains

as if I’m being chased w/a machete

by a man called Machete,

while only wearing a rope for a thong

so his balls can cliffhang off my ass

after he’s bombed Hitler

out of my nazi shaven cunt;


but my

“would be”

B flick noir slut snatch

reeks of peachy fuzz

rolled in a day old blunt

I smoked the night before,

I admit, I’m a ‘blunt whore slut’

something I figured my boyfriend

would be happy with?

don’t I feel like the fucking ditz!;


I accidentally pop my boyfriend

an erected nipple

from my scarlet corset ~

my lousy attempt of an Elvira

impersonation ~

but he just pops

another slasher slut flick into the DVD player

and continues eating

his 7-layered [bean] dip;

it’s to bad

that my boyfriend wasn’t dead

’cause this would be the time

I’d spit on his grave;


& I think Leatherface

would have been disgraced

that my boyfriend didn’t suggest

a chainsaw slut flick

’cause I could’ve been crooning:


’50 ways to chop up your lover!’


leaving my boyfriend swooning

& I’d be getting laid right about now

but instead I’m watching part II of:


‘Slasher Sluts From Hell!’


I suck on a blunt

& finger the dip;

’cause it was obvious

that this

was going to be

the only slut action

I’d be having tonight.


  1. hey, Dev, how come you stopped using Facebook? I sent you a friend request.

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