Devlin De La Chapa

Posted: January 18, 2017 in Poetry


when roaches stop visiting


we don`t talk anymore

you and I for you and I

have moved on

to what is

undecidedly inconvenient

it`s as if these

spats of poetic trinkets

once whispered in dark end corners,

once rumored in secret places

have exhausted their course

so of course

fate was never of value

or in danger

of ever endangering us;


I hate God            sometimes


when I`ve failed to grasp

the disaster ahead,

like this winding curve

that settled

on a long stretch of highway

that you don`t see

until your life flashes before your eyes

in an accidental heartbreak


but to say

I don`t miss you

or that I have never loved you

is a moral hazard in itself

and therefore we \ I should feel shame

rather than blame

for it takes two blemishes

to create one stain

that proves

hearts do bleed;


so I wish to give you

this poem

in place of a dozen wilted roses



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