1 Flash – Randall Rogers

Posted: January 17, 2020 in Fiction, Flash, Uncategorized

I may have a unique perspective. Maybe not, but it’s an idea. The idea is that we are it. More precisely, I am. But you are too.  All of you. You’re it. When you go it’s gone. It was all in your head. You were right. It ended with you and now you’re on to something else. See how easy it all was?


Don’t believe me? Nothing is real. There is no settled science. History is an agreed upon lie. Much is false, sometimes all. True is a relative term. Real truth is always looking to be falsified. Consensus changes, the temporary nature of what is considered true, or known, should not. This sets us up nicely for life in the next world.

“True And You” by Randall Rogers  Copyright © 2019.

  1. theval2000 says:

    Good stuff from Randall 🖒✍

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