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Randall Rogers

Posted: February 6, 2017 in Haiku, Musing

Boxing the wind
I knocked the North Pole
Out cold


Manna Falls

Cardinals bicker

and knock seed from the feeder.

Doves parade below.




Hope in Winter

Robin on the lawn.

Three hops and stops to listen.

Somewhere must be spring.






Update on BoySlut

Posted: May 31, 2014 in Fiction, Flash, Haiku, Poetry, Prose, Stuff

BoySlut is still here, and accepting submissions.  Please see “Submit” page as submissions have changed.

    ink wets the paper
no single word is written:
    drinking in mirage
       glacial frosty wind
The Muse catches a bad cold—
            poetic virus
     still dreaming of dawn,
searching for the silky thread:
         sin of confession
     torrents of rain fall:
bullets striking the body—
      carving epitaphs
          a cruel coldness
is plucking all handkerchiefs
       from all the drawers
    gusts of wintry wind:
the silky bush is dangling—
       a hair in the soup
Feeble breeze wafted—
a free air-conditioner
to the poor’s delight.
            a virgin apple;
its red glowing lights rinse sins—
        I may purge on Mars
water fills me with you
mist and drizzle with sunlight
Christmas lights in prisms
listen to the water fall
the edge a pool of glimmer
smooth skinned and happy
when I drink this water
I wear your hand in my glove
your impression on my love
God created life out of water
good from the earth
you because he knew of me
water silvers the skyline
the city and town
the branch you sit upon
because of you
even water
is more beautiful

Prove you love me now

lift your skirt and close your eyes—

not a soul will know.


The slit in your dress

undiscovered land in sight—

there I’ll raise my flag.


Like a stone in flames

diamond-hardness of desire—

fire so quickly spent.


Silly girl, don’t speak!

your eyes say what I should know—

now, silence is best.


Let you and I suck

on memories of last night—

manna of the gods.