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BoySlut is temporarily on vacation

Posted: September 13, 2017 in Uncategorized


Will be accepting submissions soon!





Well BoySluters and Alike
today BoySlut turns the big “6“
and who would have thought
I`d last this long!

Though BoySlut has not pub`d anything
in the last couple of months
doesn`t mean that it has quit.
BoySlut will resume [at any given moment]
or as soon as I can get my shit together!

Until then …




she floated, when found,

sea leveled in a bathtub

bound in toxins and gins

made of marble and

gash, wrists semi-thrashed

suicide blond,

gone, filthy girl, gone;

six brass plated slugs

tattooed against her breasts

but the one inked in her heart

was especially enslaved for him

when pressed, will bleed, sowing seeds


for she knew

how he fucking loved her

and how

he would carry her body

the way sinners

carried their sins ~


unconscious and




Cassius Marcellus Clay, Cassius X, Muhammad Ali… …born & raised in the South: Louisville, Kentucky. No matter what you called him, he defined himself… …he proved he was the best, he was always top-shelf. Olympic Gold-Medalist with Boxing-Titles… …he had so many Opponents, but no Rivals. He was never afraid to stand-up to Oppression… …always willing to […]

via Muhammad Ali: One of the Greatest — Gareth Bryant…


artist: Fabian Perez



Cherry Pie Love


you are






sitting there


doused in hunger


burdened by despair


hidden there


in the


darkened corner


of this








nursing vino


smoking a camel




eating cherry pie




for the love of




I ache to




who did you








I could have been gentle.

But you would have thought less



of me.  I am no angel

and trees cover my light.


My soul basks in its own

flame.  Rivers capture my


reflection. I look still.



I am a day star weeping

without a tear.  I take



no pity on the world.


My name is the sun.



24hr cafe


the day

is cold and gray

sirens wail in the distance

as rain pours on the outside

coffee in two cups

are being poured

inside the 24 hr cafe ~

no cream, no sugar

just black coffee drinking strangers


by the occasional sound

of a newspaper, ruffling