BoySlut is a very “open~minded“ publication eZine – WE`LL READ ANYTHING.


Submit Poems, Flashes, Visuals [at the moment] to

Devlin @


Will make an exception on Haiku(s)


Response time will vary:  May be Sporadic, Rolling or extremely Delayed.  So, don`t bitch!


  1. […] with really great work and I’m honored to be included. If you write submission guidelines are here Share this:TwitterFacebookEmailStumbleUponPinterestLike this:LikeBe the first to like […]

  2. rossliskov says:

    I don’t see the email address for submissions anywhere here.

  3. Neil Ellman says:

    Welcome back. I trust that you are healthy, rested and eager to resume publishing. While you were gone, I checked BoySlut regularly and was delighted to find that my poem, “Alone Again, Naturally,” had been nominated for Best of the Net. Thank you so much: I am honored, proud in such fine company

  4. Your poem was well deserved, Neil, and WE thank you for allowing BoySlut the opportunity to publish it here. Hope to see you back:)

  5. Hola Diablita I tried to send some boysmut to boyslut, but you got the door locked. Quien Sabe? Luego amiga El Pez

  6. Larry Bierman says:

    I am proud to have my poetry published here even though the name of the site was enough to get me banned from my local open mic event.

    • Well that sucks! But that’s small-minded, narrow-minded people for you!

      Thanks for commenting here, Larry. We wish you the best of luck at “other” open mic’s who can withstand dry humor particularly for a name!

  7. bluehourmagazine says:

    Thanks for listing The Blue Hour on your “Other Boys” sidebar. I’ve read enjoyed your site for awhile. Moriah LaChapell

  8. A.J. says:

    I just submitted a couple flashes, but I’ve read the whole page and I still wasn’t sure if you wanted them as word.doc attachments or just as email text so I sent them as both. I figured that way it covers all the bases. Well all two bases anyway. Is there a specific method you prefer Devlin, or is it all good? Just wanted to check.


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