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black Whiskey in a dixie cup


and I`ve had my troubles

I tell you what

laid uncle jesse on the copper line

played 13 roulette

with my talkin` clit

loaded her with guns

and emptying clips, my slugs

have all become saviors `n saints

brass-trash silver-bullet and fuck me-blue

smothered in a lynch man`s residue

only coonhounds have a nose to follow…

and I swallows, nothin` hollow

this side of the Mississippi, Misses-hit-me;

I feel tipsy throttle sexy

when he sexts me

down that hangman`s cry me a riv`a

`specially when he trails my trail

legs ta limbs an` breaks my hymns

like cock`s in a bitch-hens den

I can feel them eggs startin` to soil

an` if I can`ts reach my sweet georgia peach

then I`m sure he`ll preach

with his paddles an` swats,

breakin` me in, churnin` me out

with his bibles an` ridin` crops

right `fore he sends me back to daddy

to water his cummunal roses,

I grabs his pew and spew

‘our father’s` hellelujah an` all men ~

but there`s a tyranny

in his biscuits and eyes, and gravy blues

they`s don`t lie but rather try

to smoke pipe the tails

of old tymers and christian folk

just ‘fore they hung that bitch

by her purty throat, her bodily

a squabblin`, lookin’ for hope

towards the heaven`s sky,

an `all she saw, he say,

was the devil dealin` appalachian moonshine,

an` her mama`s bluesy cries,

an` homemade cherry pie coolin`

on a window sill near her black whiskey

in a dixie cup



ode to an old Crook


once upon a time

he committed a crime

and snuck into her room

to make-out with her;

old age and memories lost

have all become but a blur

but he lived

happily ever after,


after with her





artist: Unitas Quick


Don’t Think It’s Alright
Looking for him  in the soft belly of the night
warm creamy tight
looking for a knicker kiss
a dream
a wet slip
a hand, a softened  whisper on her thigh.
wishing for violets on the dirt roads
burying the bullets –
sharping for an angry fix
jitterbug sweat skies
praying in reverse
Jack off – the big kahuna bites
over and over
where’s your thick
conscience now ?




Clipping toenails scatter

in the



My anxiety

needs to



desperately of us


Your cigarette butt ashes

embed on my



And your black market

perfume reeks

of maggot



Contemptible You

You tattooed
my affections
with all the
of a meth addicted sadist
with daddy issues & a jackhammer

your ink
a mixture
of nightshade & cyanide
seeped from your lips
& into my pores
in [toxic] ating me…..

nicotine scented swirls
& ethanol procured smiles
lead to ecstasy induced spasms

little deaths
of my soul

Caroline Cunning has Images for your Addiction


a scream juice

a shocking psycho go-go dancer

the diabolical delinquents involved in drug addiction

tested the limit of the reward pathway directly

she became involved with a touch of some fingers

smooth stroll down a deserted alley

a kiss in the nighttime a whisper a breath

a perception of the stimulus bombardment

a blast from a .44

she flicked her cigarette butt onto the twitching corpse

first aktion made to last


she was a serial seducer packing love and knives

always carrying a sickness in her gut

always a smile always

certain rituals pleased her:

a torn skirt or another memento from fucking

that she threw away to be used in fetish rituals

by government officials in middle America

that place where matrons rub ak47’s between their legs

and men castrate themselves with bullets

juxtaposed between blood and holiness

wandering haphazardly towards self-destruction

have your children killed each other today?


she lay back and smoked another cigarette

purple/grey smoke wafting away

slitting bellies open with her fingernails

removing organs and all thoughts of morality

a fertility goddess gone way / way bad

another noted fear in the heat of the vocabulary


it was okay for them to say nasty dirty things

some spasms she actively enjoyed

please visit the others

needle balloon

boneless faces

plugged in

then plugged out

demonic routines and such

please visit the others she said

they’re hiding in the basement

that one down the block with the windows gouged out

they can’t say how i feel

blank squares on the walls where pictures used to be

a heart burns inside a cage suspended over glass

she’ll eradicate them all




A Comfortable Silence


Your sour face

matches the taste

of your vagina

The only difference is

the vagina doesn’t speak

I’ll gladly take this orifice

over the other


Words can be sharp


like my sexual organ

I’ll slip it in

to mitigate this suffering

Now all I need from you

is silence

If I had two dicks

This would be  so rewarding


The day you learn

to shut the fuck up

Is the day I’ll order pizza

We’ll celebrate

Have a little party

Until that day comes


let me cum in peace

In the meantime

pass me another Xanax


“Yearning For This Moment”


Prancing around

in the sunshine

10 out of 10

Big bouncing

C cups

An ass

tighter than a noose


Her body

could cure

a hangover

Make you cum

with the quickness

In the gloom

of the rain

Nothing but charm

in tune with nature


Naturally I long

to feel

her warm


It’s like

a provocative sitcom

Living it out

Anticipating the end

When a new beginning

will blossom

The cum will flow again







Twenty dollars for a blow job, I said.


He smiled, as I jumped in his car.

We drove to his place,

a plush apartment in West Hollywood.


After the dirty work, he sat two twenties on the couch

and went to the bathroom.


I picked up a single twenty

and walked out the door.



he fell in love with me.