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Goodbye my Garden

Frigid and peculiarly balanced with the outside world alike those brittle as if made of glaciate plant matter,
I am a frozen frond.
A creature of guilt and emasculating shame atop a mountainous obelisk birthed from the decay of a soul,
puked from the fray still haunting those poor souls who find themselves in orbit with me with the earth with our moon with our planets around a dying sun.
This Frigidity haunts me as well.
Altercations in temperature so slight as the touch of a lovers lips slit my petal-skin and obduration my essence.
Decimals of degrees may attempt to melt me; calefaction may attempt in the tiniest doses to cure me of my condition, but for what purpose?
To be a flower amongst brittle weeds only degrades my presence in my garden from nobody to no-one to outcast, and then creepingly becomes me a deadman.
To be glassware in hot sand is to shatter.
To be a coal on the ice is to crack it.