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Danza Della Anime
with bravura strokes
she paints a tapestry
of desires & ancient wounds
upon wisps of shadows
long succumbed to darkness

bound by umbilical thread
screams of shattered silence
reach vaulted peaks
to drown

circumference of flame
closes to corset
devouring sins
purified soul released

as hind-sighted children
play roundabout
& echo gregorian chants
of the free

~ everyone loves a bit of violence in their coffee



is of inept

in city`s so



that if we blink

we would have missed

a certain


of our ghosts



there is so much

darkness; riddles,

they are

sufferers for a



I have

not a thing\nothing to offer

just absence & misery

in a sea of muffled




I am an enigma,

the least

of someone else’s


and tears, they

often fall

like cream

to sweet`en the blow

of a bland



Oh, how

we are suckers

for a bit of violence

in our coffee.






I dreamt I was so hungry.

I ate my whole hand.

It started with the right pinky,

then the ring finger.

I devoured my middle finger,

then the right pointing finger.

The thumb took a bit longer

because I was feeling full.

I got my second wind and

I ate my palm all the way up

to the wrist and the wrist watch.

The dream was so strange.

It took about an hour for

another hand to grow in

place of the eaten hand.

The new hand looked just

like the old hand only a

little bigger and less rough.

I had new fingerprints that

belonged to someone else

that was not even human.