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An Old City


An old city

Actually is not a city

It’s a banana tree

It’s every nook and corner

Like a banana tree

With unique taste and flavor

Since thousands of years.


It has igneous memories

Of old lava

Buried here and there

In metamorphic creations,

Inadequately ejaculated;

And in footprints rocky

Soft dew could sleep blithely

Still with modernity.


An old city

Is like an eternal journey

Amidst webbed rings

Worn, torn, entangled intricate

As if fibers of time.


~ 10,000 leprechauns & 1 death star


there is no gold

at the end of my rainbow, just a village

of cerebral pillagers … nuggets

in crack crystal white are disguised as

sham~rock dealers, no dust

because bitches love rocks

in a bowl of Lucky Charms;


10,000 leprechauns armed ready

in blow body armor impersonating the recreational

of pipe liquid rapes

in a death star orbiting orifices

where foam froths

in galaxies far far away …


like magnetic snow

snowmen are born in the imaginations

of blurry face`s, and fixes

are pixelized over pores

pulsing to please [ insert your needles here ] …

and ‘I’m sorry, honey’ that your eggs have embryos ~

just cut the umbilical chords

and everything will be alright.