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How it’s done

You start out
a beginner
work your way
to intermediate
and advance
to advanced
until you find
you have gone
from rookie
to master
and now
you discover
to be
a youngish
elder statesman
and the next
of newbies
look to you
for inspiration
and advice
on how to
skip a few
steps in the
of making it
to the top
and you hate
to break it to them
but it all starts
at the bottom
with a mop



City Slicker

My best laid plans
may never get laid
out on the rose
covered bed
in the penthouse suite
where I consummate
over the low
of the huddled
down below
where the hustlers
scam the man
and women
turn to
tricks of the
skin trade
by selling their
souls to the
and you will
find me there
in the thick
and thin
of things
wishing I could
pull some strings
so that I could
cheek to cheek
instead of
living from
check to check


Sugar Daddy

I wish I was
the acid trip
on your tongue
in other words
I want to
blow your mind
so that you come
back to me
like a junkie
returns to their
for feel-good
poison potions
then I want
to pimp you
to the people
in my life
yet keep you
to myself
like a stolen
of cash
which I will
launder on
that I will
use to bribe you
into becoming
the bride of this
tapped-out tycoon
so please sign
my air tight
which clearly
that you’ll never
strip me of my
sanity when
you go

Legal Jargon

copyright your life
so that nobody
steals your unique
better yet
dictate your
to a dedicated
some in-house
who has the infinite
patience to transcribe
the intimate first person
subjective narrative
that you describe
in painstaking
and make sure not
to gloss over
every he-said she-said
moment that
made your epic
journey so special
this way you
can always sue
who tries to
infringe on
the fringe benefit
of having the patent
on being the one
and only

Glazed And Confused 
It demands 
going with the hunch
and a bunch 
of brainstorming brunches
crunching against time
chewing on concepts
and gulping through black coffee
conferences until you have reached
that “aha” moment which is 
sometimes hard to swallow
and difficult to digest
but will ultimately lead 
to the buzz
of organic free trade
beans set free to stimulate
the senses 
and then just maybe
you will get the idea
of what it takes to 
go through 
the black hole
of a 
Duncin’ Donut thought
Dial Tone
No, really, thanks
for never offering
in any class 
that I know of
simple instructions
or easy to follow
when it comes to 
the midnight self
or at the very least
a mandatory 
extra credit course
on the course
that fate takes
when it goes
off course
and how about
a lecture on
the unexplained
known as
the great unknown
that says
nothing at all
when we pick up the phone
turning us into scared
scary movie characters 
who fear the maniac
that chases everyone
in the end,
is calling from inside
the house
Roving Planet Rover
Who is watching out
for the shaggy 
That stray dog
in the dark park
unleashed and
scraps of sunlight
and the tossed cans
of empty stars
and where is its
owner anyway
should take in 
that galactic mutt
covered in mud
and rid it of
those pesky
fleas and ticks 
known as 
before we eat
that round hound
or at least toss
it an unidentified 
flying object
to fetch
before it

Getting Some

She said:
keep your hands off
my aspirations
and stop undressing
me with your lies
please show some respect
for my gender specific
needs which are preprogrammed
into my dainty DNA,
by the way
the short cut to a
piece of my short cake
shaped slice of paradise
is to melt my lacy sugarcoated icing
not just with the flicker
of your burning hot candle stick
but to make a whispery wish
into my ear and wait for me
to untie the ribbons wrapped
round this gift given on special
candy coated, caramelized
carnal occasions…


Well Hung Jury

I can always tell its you
by your prison chic garb
and your swaggering gait
by how you seem to sweat perfume
and when you are gone I create
a composite image of you
which looks less like a courtroom drawing
and more like a fashion sketch
and then when we meet in
public spaces I point
you out of a line-up of
innocent bystanders and say
“that’s her”
for you are the one
guilty of luring me into
lurid crimes far out
of my comfort zone
on double bed end streets
where I did hard time
on soft sheets
while the stool pigeons
on the window sill snitched
on your body Bonnie
and my smoking gun
that you nicknamed Clyde


Gilding Lily

You don’t require
visual or audio
because you look
and sound
like crystal
nip or tuck
or get a permanent
or permanently
inked at the tattoo
or beauty parlor
and please don’t apply
for that nose job
you are already
highly employable
with pheromones
that will guarantee
that someone will
always make sure
you are ok
and you will never go
without ungentlemanly
callers, unwarranted
advances and bouquets
with strings attached
and you will always
have friends like me
for benefits


Thanks For Nothing

Do you have a moment
I have a few questions pertaining
to an incident that took
place roughly twenty five
years ago, it was
a very slight slight
which was spoken
matter of factly yet
this hum-drum homicide
killed the innocent bystander
which was minding
his own business
deep inside of me
next thing I knew
somebody was
outlining my confidence
on the sidewalk and
declaring it dead
just before the arrival
of the mouth to mouth
resuscitation known
as love could revive
my young spirit
which to this day
still hovers overhead
having the out of body
of watching myself
walk wounded
yeah, you
got me good