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Last Night I Dreamed

By: Lucas Scheelk
Inspired by T.S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”


Last night I dreamed of

Men standing by the windowpane

Amongst the yellow fog.

The windows were the display cases,

Varieties of flavors,

Of whatever the customer desired.



Last night I dreamed I was

A twink named Michelangelo,

Standing by the window closest to the door.

The youngest were placed closest to the door,

Catcalling the suit-bound

To buy their way into dinner or into luxury.



Last night I dreamed that

My back rested on the windowpane

Amongst the yellow fog.

One of my regulars showed up,

A gangly man in an oversized coat.

He knew that I specialized in stress relief.



Last night I dreamed I

Greeted him as I would a lover.

“Prufrock,” I growled, “Welcome back.”

The doorman explained the rules to him.

“He’s with me,” I immediately replied,

And the doorman let him inside.



Last night I dreamed he

Stumbled at his request for a blowjob.

He left the money on the table as I removed his belt.

It wasn’t until I sank to my knees

That he got hard, and it wasn’t until

I took out his cock that he really looked at me.



Last night I dreamed that

I humored his whispers, comparing me to women,

By not shaming his romantic dreams.

I removed his cock from my mouth

And devoured his lips

In an attempt to shut him up.



Last night I dreamed of

The moment after he climaxed,

How different of a man he looked

With the exception of his bald spot.

Then he zipped his trousers,

And he turned back into Prufrock.



Last night I dreamed of

The sweet nothings Prufrock said as he left.

My other customers do not indulge me in that way.

They play the game as I do.

Had this been not a dream, or if he were real,

It wouldn’t need to be a game at all.