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Daddy’s Home Early
Cleaning up the house
Dancing and sweeping
In his button up shirt
And frilly thongs
Daddy walks in
An hour early
Looks at me and shakes his head
Comes over and takes me by the chin
Princess you know I don’t have many rules
But the number one rule is
Ripping open the shirt
buttons popping off
bouncing across the floor
Are you ready for your punishment
Yes sir
Sliding my thongs down
Stuffing them into my mouth
The name of this game is called
Quite time
The more noise you make
The harder and deeper I go

Heart never gives warning

Oh how I long for your embrace
That heavy brown mane in your face
I wish you truly knew how I felt
My heart an open love letter unsealed
My poems full of my emotion
Loves potion
I threw caution upon the wind
In Hoping your ears would hear
Falling I did fear
But it’s already done
My heart you’ve already won
It didn’t give warning
For you I’m yearning
I feel in love with you
So now What am I going to do



Deafening silence

With tear stained eyes
This isn’t goodbye
As I might seem to hide
Becoming silent
Doesn’t mean I will no longer desire you
Just choosing to keep it to myself
a poem or two
Will Still be written in thought of you
The desire I have for you is very strong
Not sure how to put the ember out
That’s Something I don’t really want
But your silence is deafening
Its loud and clear
Perhaps if we lock eyes one more time
You would change your mind



My Heart is Not My Own

My hearts beats in my chest
But it is not my own
It was here one day
Then gone the next
When his eyes caught mine
And set me on fire
A longing desire
My heart now to him it belongs
My soul has also drifted along