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Noir Dame


He tells me

I’m dangerous


a gasoline can

with matchstick legs


my red-tipped heels

ready to strike


ready to ignite

his dry friction strip.




Noir Dude


Only truly alive

in black & white


a shadow

of the white knight


the white-hatted

cowboy’s city twin



missing all his cues


the only black ball

in the poolroom rack




The Bantam’s Confessional Shtick


A cock crows.  The velvet curtains part

&we see our wattled Don Juan waiting


on his side of the black box stage.  A buttery

car beam spotlights a campesino priest


in flagrante delicto, his tongue in progress,

in congress, stabbing the rooster’s conscience


casing, licking raw its cankered stob. The rooster

kneels in agony, admits to his life of sin.


A puff of ancho ash & the rooster stands,

raises a chastened bumblefoot to God, vows


to abstain from all hen scratching henceforth.

No more solving for x in the jumbled puzzle-


hours of la madrugada; no more unscrambling

(s)wordplay, separating EXitS from exist.