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all messed up in blue

Her landscape
was a beach lined tapestry
of overgrown ashtrays
and liquor bottle seashells
that echoed of depressionpills like birdseed littered her floor
and dandelion needles mar kentucky blue

in the corner a pile
of unused phone numbers
from men she never
meant to meet

and as the days fade
to darkness
she walks the tracks of no train
to the station
and waits

~ channel surfing to find a state of sunny happiness


Prime time

in the A.M.

local news

local weather

channel surfing

to find

a state of

sunny happiness

in my night shirt


hot coffee


turn channel to 5

woman raped


turning down date;

surf to channel 15

rain, and more rain

is in the forecast;

switch channel

to 12

another bra commercial

enhanced bras

to make boobs

appear larger

than they are


I’ll never understand

TV’s idea

of teasing a man


then not expect


with a chance

of rape’?




Digital Lust
The cyber world has eaten
her bones and held her marrow
in a vicious circle.
In the evening, when body
becomes relaxed like fleece,
then hers opens like
a wild bud. Layers upon
layers, touch after touch,
and the petals dance away,
draw closer, dance away
once again.
She stretches and uncoils.
She hooks and twists her limbs.
She screams like thunder.
The lightning brings rain
and shadow of her skin
collides with the screen
until the bucket
is overflowing.

from my wretched eyes


a quick


from my




an angelic

face that

seems to

be defying

age and



it reminds

me what

a wise old

man told

me when

i was very





prays to

the same




still in her church clothes


i saw this black

woman in the

grocery store



probably still

in her church



but those long

legs and that ass

bouncing with

each step


i could definitely

see her causing

someone to say

the words god

damn at some

point in the



the depraved

part of my

brain wanted

to go sniff her

panties while

she was over

looking at the



but the clever

fuck in me was

busy over at

the bananas


hoping to find

one long enough