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~ 10,000 leprechauns & 1 death star


there is no gold

at the end of my rainbow, just a village

of cerebral pillagers … nuggets

in crack crystal white are disguised as

sham~rock dealers, no dust

because bitches love rocks

in a bowl of Lucky Charms;


10,000 leprechauns armed ready

in blow body armor impersonating the recreational

of pipe liquid rapes

in a death star orbiting orifices

where foam froths

in galaxies far far away …


like magnetic snow

snowmen are born in the imaginations

of blurry face`s, and fixes

are pixelized over pores

pulsing to please [ insert your needles here ] …

and ‘I’m sorry, honey’ that your eggs have embryos ~

just cut the umbilical chords

and everything will be alright.



this Poem


I’m going to send

this Poem

to everyone I know


just to see who

will give it Love

and let it take root


just to see

where my words

can sprout


how green

they can be

how well watered

in this world






artist: Fabian Perez



Cherry Pie Love


you are






sitting there


doused in hunger


burdened by despair


hidden there


in the


darkened corner


of this








nursing vino


smoking a camel




eating cherry pie




for the love of




I ache to




who did you





“No Hard Feelings, Just My Hard Dick”
I wanna fuck
the world
without a condom
Shove it inside
from Pittsburgh
to California
Fire a load
that could
cover a continent
To let everyone
know it’s cool
Now since you’ve felt
what I felt
Although I’ve been
mistreated and
I’m over it
Here’s my proof
you self serving
It’s still pulsing
Here I am
I fucking exist
No hard feelings
Just my hard dick
“Infertile Ground”
I knew she was
a cunt, a bitch
a sexy asshole
I had a premonition
of an occupied
Wilted roses and
bloody toilet paper
A feeling in my pants
that had to be let out
We went down
that turbulent road
All the way down
until the zipper broke
We made love
which turned
into hate
We spent wasted time
on infertile grounds
Felicity was uninvited
The only fond memories
I have retained
From all this grief
and perpetual sorrow
Is the sound
of your giggles
after I let you have it
You always thought
it was hilarious
when I made you
bleed from your
delicate asshole

Worst Thing in the World

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

she says and shuts the fridge door, raising an eyebrow.

and I think to myself, please not you too.

Not now, in my childhood kitchen

with my niece running around.

Not now when my sister just told everyone

she was pregnant again,

not now when my first novel came out,

when we just decided what country number five was.

Not now.

But she turns her back to me.

I make jokes and she half smiles,

reminding me again that having a baby

wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

and I think

no not the worst,

picturing the mountains in Salzburg

and Mozart’s grave,

remembering Caesar’s

and waiting on Beethoven’s

not the worst,

I nod,

not the worst,

but so awfully, dangerously close.


forget this fucking
even the animals
want out as they
run free
watching clowns
try to fuck each other

~ everyone loves a bit of violence in their coffee



is of inept

in city`s so



that if we blink

we would have missed

a certain


of our ghosts



there is so much

darkness; riddles,

they are

sufferers for a



I have

not a thing\nothing to offer

just absence & misery

in a sea of muffled




I am an enigma,

the least

of someone else’s


and tears, they

often fall

like cream

to sweet`en the blow

of a bland



Oh, how

we are suckers

for a bit of violence

in our coffee.