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Worst Thing in the World

It wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

she says and shuts the fridge door, raising an eyebrow.

and I think to myself, please not you too.

Not now, in my childhood kitchen

with my niece running around.

Not now when my sister just told everyone

she was pregnant again,

not now when my first novel came out,

when we just decided what country number five was.

Not now.

But she turns her back to me.

I make jokes and she half smiles,

reminding me again that having a baby

wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world

and I think

no not the worst,

picturing the mountains in Salzburg

and Mozart’s grave,

remembering Caesar’s

and waiting on Beethoven’s

not the worst,

I nod,

not the worst,

but so awfully, dangerously close.


It was easier for you to fall in love then
than it is now
being a product of commodity
and society.
Then it was only a matter of
lifting a pen
inking out the words that didn’t fit
to reveal the ones that did.
A matter of conjuring to the surface
some small effect.
You now,
waiting in the wasteland
between birth and death.
You, wondering where has it all changed
in the seconds before now
in the seconds after then
You, wondering why
know that I too love you
but only for this moment.