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A Higher Being and Shakespeare 



Standing on the train platform

This morning all the regulars are here

The train pulls into the station we all

Climb aboard some shuffle some

Scramble to the seats

Making several more stops

That do the same ending thing

At Grand Central a fastening together takes place

Exiting the train

connecting to the places we go

We are the synapse of a

Higher being’s function and memory

A bad moment I suspect

Trying not to be withdrawn into

A black hole I can only imagine and

I am doing this at best for a couple of more years

Do not trust me with your light years

Unless you give me a piece of your time

And let me know more

About Shakespeare. What did you

Do with him anyway after all?

And all those X rated sonnets

He kept in his closet


Where are my Marlboros

And champagne that

I kept in the fridge?

Just let me know

I may stay on a few more

Than a couple of years

And help you get out of that black hole



Aimless for Beauty and Love

5:30 AM the sky and air was dull red out the window
I was foolish to leave my room
Waited tapping for car headlights to pass
Aimlessly I followed across the road
There was red and yellow aimless
Causing silhouetted dark branches
Through the trees my jacket less
Torso saw that beauty was cold
Pinching my fingers took some pictures
Of horizontal pink and yellow clouds
Above while you slept back at home
Putting these pictures in a dream for you
When you wake you saw what I saw
Adding a song some tea
Shared toothpaste foaming on each others
Faces down to the sunrise I spread
Aimlessly you have perfect pitch
As I always recall how you sing on
The microphone when I hum

What Sex is New Years Day

My wife pushed me out the door in the New Year AM
Buy some Duraflames for today’s fire
The last day of the year we burned up what we had
While stepping over the threshold of memory
And thoughts of the lost year but good
At the Stop and Shop I bought berries
Potatoes and Duraflame logs
I said Happy New Year to 
The check out girl Cherie 
She gave me a big hug and kiss
I could not wait to get home
I remembered the glass of sparkly 
I left on the mantel the night before
It was flat then realizing
Cherie had whisker stubble 
But still very pretty in her yellow apron