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Even Ciarin Has Women Troubles

‘I passed up a sure thing.
This amazing girl,
recently split,
all she wanted was vindication
through casual sex.
She sat on my lap
and asked a passing random
to join us.

‘This close.
I was this close.

‘Then this girl,
this girl,
this other girl,
the other girl,
this raven haired Irish beauty,
the girl I have no chance with,

‘nineteen. Nineteen.

‘But it’s her personality
or the fact I can’t have her

or because… because…

‘Because, she’s like the best person to take to the theatre,
she’ll laugh at what she wants, you know,
with this really loud, distinctive laugh,
that most people, if they had this laugh,
they’d keep it shelved, no?
She doesn’t hide it,
this obnoxious laugh.
‘She came from nowhere
and then she’s there,
she’s suddenly there
by the stairs

‘And I’m this close, this close

‘and she gives me this look
and that look says,
And I’m undone.
‘Cause in my head that look’s got a sequel,
it says, “Go home with me.”

‘This close,
This close. I was this close
to a threesome.’

Then we did Special K
and his face came up like woodchip wallpaper.