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guy’s got a  briefcase

loaded up with fake Timex watches  –


another’s selling Guccci handbags  —

it’s that extra “c” that makes  the difference —


ever wonder what an American  Tourister suitcase

would be like if it weren’t  American Tourister?

wonder no more –


for twenty bucks,

the best of imitation Fifth  Avenue fashion can be yours –

throw in another  ten

and you get phony Madison as well  —


Pierre Cardinn,  Sacks,

even a mickey mouse Mickey Mouse  watch ~


anything can be  had

as long as you don’t want  something –





MEAN STREETS by Brenton Booth



Alcohol pulsed like heartbeat drowning fear. The two of us, still teenagers, far


from men, downing straight whiskey from the bottle and seeing who could curse


the best, and fill the school football field with the most piss. It didn’t actually


matter anymore—the act itself was now satisfying enough for both of us.


Trapped in single parent families in a small worthless broke suburb in Sydney,


neither of us hiding our disgust very well tonight.


We finished the bottle. I hurled it at the grandstand hoping for an explosion—


though was slightly satisfied with the mess it created.


“ I’m going home,” I said.


“ I’m going for a walk. I don’t want to go home. I would never go there again if it


wasn’t for my little sister. I have to look after her—save her from them,” said




I stumbled home leaving him in the shadows, hoping I’d see him again, those


streets really weren’t safe to walk, but we both knew that worse things existed.