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The woman pulled a dollar bill from within the front pocket of her jeans obviously a size to small her gut hung out it jiggled as she attempted to wiggle the dollar bill rolled amidst other dollar bills causing the crease between her eyes to crease deeper beads of sweat began to cascade over her right brow the customers behind her were getting antsy the bald headed man resembling Dennis Hopper mumbled in disparity to the womans inability to pull the dollar bill because it was obvious her jeans were to tight it was obvious he had somewhere important to go because he kept looking at his watch time was passing ticking flying damn it jesus god the toddler behind the impulsive bald man kept running his hands over the candy rack grabbing candy throwing candy crying up at his mother who kept slapping his hand away saying no no no between pursed lips the couple obviously boyfriend girlfriend where one could easily presume fought earlier with one another because of their edgy affection toward one another the girlfriend mumbling stop it shut up go away to the boyfriend who grows fed up walks away to stand up front near the register where the woman eventually pulls the dollar bill hands it to the clerk who stiffens a nod rings up her item hands her the change the bag with one item the woman smiles walks away walks passed the boyfriend who cant help but to look at her derriere its about damn time! the bald headed Dennis Hopper resembling man says to the cashier who throws up her hands and says going on break!


She lived her life through him, through his movies.  He was a movie star who could’ve been a superstar transcending into a megastar but because he was once a rock star he was just a star.


She didn’t like her husband.  He was always brushing his teeth, drinking all the time while she walked behind him picking up tubes of toothpaste and empty beer cans.  Then, when it was time for bed, he expected sex from her.  Having sex with her husband, while once euphoric, now reminded her of a good time pick-up because the only time he actually found her appealing is when he drank kind of like the way men drank in bars, scoping out the pretty of unpretty women through dirty beer mugs and shot glasses.  She would often cry herself lonely after sex.   Not that her husband would notice considering he would already be drunk asleep and with clean teeth.



polka dots


bright lights

big weather

empty banks

dirty rivers

ugly face

she shivers