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    ink wets the paper
no single word is written:
    drinking in mirage
       glacial frosty wind
The Muse catches a bad cold—
            poetic virus
     still dreaming of dawn,
searching for the silky thread:
         sin of confession
     torrents of rain fall:
bullets striking the body—
      carving epitaphs
          a cruel coldness
is plucking all handkerchiefs
       from all the drawers
    gusts of wintry wind:
the silky bush is dangling—
       a hair in the soup
Feeble breeze wafted—
a free air-conditioner
to the poor’s delight.
            a virgin apple;
its red glowing lights rinse sins—
        I may purge on Mars

Lilith is angry
because Adam broke the ribs.
Lilith is not a rib.
Adam couldn’t locate
the original sin—
secret unknown
The rib is always a scapegoat.
Adam is always breaking the rib.
Lilith stands up in full bloom,
spitting waves of anger.
Adam is always stubborn.
Lilith is angry—
story unfinished.

Seas of sand
A motion
Expansive horizons
Brown lively lizards
Just swimming
Waltzing to
The soundless rhythm
Of the sand’s waves

Little Hot Stories
Hot candle juice
on the frigid body.
Hot sun’s lights
whip the body.
Hot desert sands
wrap the body—
eternal embrace.
The lighter burns
the fingers.
Oh, come on!
Fire is not always
a bliss.